Want to really connect with your audience? They need to trust you first

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

The relationship that we develop with brands is very similar to those that we develop with people. We spend quality time with people who reflect our self identity. We want to trust them, believe that they are authentic, upfront and share our core values. We feel good about ourselves when we support them and even introduce them to other friends.

Brands signal these characteristics through strategic communications which includes marketing, branding and PR. Strategic communications is in investment in your organization’s voice.

In a crowded marketplace where attention spans are short, the voice to which consumers will listen is not necessarily the loudest. It is the one that emotionally connects.

Strategic communication planning enables organizations to build an integrated communications strategy. Essentially, getting to the heart of the consumer – reaching them where they communicate, how they communicate and when they want to communicate. Detailed plans involve maximizing the messaging across multiple communication platforms. It is an inherent part of building a successful business in a developed market.

Strategic communications planning also helps internal teams to understand the brand and at the core of this communication is the brand itself. Before your organization tells the world who it is and what it believes, it must establish those characteristics and create guidelines to develop and maintain the integrity of the brand. In turn, these values become elements of the internal communication, acting as a compass to guide the development of the organizational culture. A great organizational culture is an important part of a recruitment and retention strategy. The organizational culture impacts not only the internal team but also impacts how they treat clients.

Marrying the internal and external communication results in a more consistent message. The message should dovetail the brand’s espoused core values and be reflected in how the brand interacts with the consumer. This creates a feeling of authenticity which adds to the value of the brand and that leads to loyalty.

Thinking holistically about the communication of an organization ultimately supports a stronger consumer connection at the various points of contact with the brand. It’s an investment that can give your organization a voice that matters to your consumers and result in actions that matter to your bottom line.

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