Living the Venn Diagram Life

I recently listened to a new and awesome Forbes Podcasts program called The Limit Does Not Exist.

It is hosted by two women, Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell who, according to their podcast profile, “...believe that creativity and STEM can and should hang out together all the time.” These women are very smart and  qualified in both left and right brained subjects like math and acting and computer science and visual art. Most importantly, they are fearless.

We live in a world where it’s easy to be put into a category. It just seems too difficult to explain to someone that you have more than one interest, which may or may not be connected, and you are pursuing projects in all of the areas. There’s a perception that you’re flaky and cannot make a decision. Worse, you’re a jill-of-all-trades and master of none.

On the show, the hosts described themselves as Venn Diagrams. How fitting! It perfectly illustrates the world of a multidisciplinary or creative thinker - someone who consciously blends different fields of thought to discover and develop opportunities that were previously unseen by the status quo.

Being a specialist in one field is not the only way forward. In fact, research shows that being a generalist with one or two specialist skills is a highly attractive quality to innovative organizations. Embracing both sides of your brain to pursue projects that are fulfilling and from which you can earn a living will mean that you need to create some new pathways. It requires a certain level of curiosity, stubbornness, and more importantly, fearlessness.

Innovative organizations, and people for that matter, are looking for creative thinkers. That doesn’t mean people who can draw or paint (by the way, I fall into neither of those groups). That means people who are whole-brained or who can make non-linear connections or draw on diverse experiences to come up with better solutions.

If you are up for the challenge, go forth and live that Venn Diagram life.

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