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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Economist Joseph Schumpeter surmised that entrepreneurs are innovators because they find “new combinations” of things, set out to create economic change and find “joy in creating”.

There is a school of thought, however, that entrepreneurs and innovators are not necessarily the same.

While both may have new ideas and ways to solve complex problems, innovators do not necessarily create economic value whereas entrepreneurs create models that do. 

Recently I had the pleasure of leading InspiredBy, a discussion with innovators from diverse educational and professional backgrounds who are impacting the community. Through their entrepreneurial endeavours they are creating economic value and changing their industries. 

The conversation featured Stefen Deleveaux, and economist and blockchain enthusiast; Orchid Burnside, a hospitality entrepreneur; Tino Sands, a designer and entrepreneur; and Nekia Brice, an IT entrepreneur. 

As the conversation evolved, it became obvious that it takes a special mix of education, culture, creativity, shrewdness, sociability and self-confidence to be an entrepreneur. One will inevitably face naysayers, fewer opportunities, and opposition to changes to the status quo. And in a small, island community, there are typically fewer avenues for business development support in addition to even more pronounced obstacles to bring an idea to fruition. 

If there’s one thing that entrepreneurs are good at, it’s keeping things moving.

They understand that they will fail sometimes. Rather than having the failure become a deterrent, they chose to learn from it and use it to improve or build the next thing. 

What is clear is the importance of having a having a support system, namely a community of entrepreneurs that understood their specific issues and with which they could share their experiences and receive advice. 

One of the major takeaways of this #InspiredBy talk, other than perseverance, was finding inner calm to balance out the craziness of unanticipated changes, family and well, just life.

In order to stay motivated and inspired during the not-so-fun long days and isolation, these entrepreneurs centered themselves through practices like meditation, reading fiction, going to the beach or just quieting things down. 

It’s a lesson we can all put to good use. 

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