Changing The #HurricaneDorian Narrative

What Just Happened?!

It’s hard to process pictures like the one shown here and videos of 23-foot surges lapping at second-floor windows. Many of us in The Bahamas are in shock about the social and economic impact of Hurricane Dorian, an unprecedented category 5 storm.

I am reminded of Chinua Achebe’s classic Things Fall Apart where an unexpected external factor changes lives forever. Achebe wrote this book to share the story of colonialism from an African perspective.

In the days since the storm hit, I have seen an incredible outpouring of support and kindness for those in need. Let’s use this time to tell the story of Dorian from a Bahamian perspective. Show the world that we are still standing and life is continuing.

Let’s rewrite the narrative to one of collaboration, resilience and rebuilding.

I encourage you to please support these efforts by giving to reputable organizations that get help to where people need it most. Here are a few that I personally support.

My club, the Rotary Club of East Nassau, is actively engaged with the Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas to receive funds and goods from Rotary Clubs and donors around the world to provide relief to those in need. Click here for donation information.

Click here to donate.

Click here to donate.

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